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The Unspoiled Beauty of Seychelles


If you have ever been fortunate enough to approach any of the 115 islands which make up the Seychelles Archipelago from the sea – you will know how it feels as you enter utopia. The Seychelles are situated in the warm, blue, Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa. The islands are a mix of soft white sand, clusters of gently swaying palm trees, occasional granite rock-faces, and secluded luxury villas. Luxury villas which will provide you with one of the most romantic holidays you’re ever likely to experience.

Although some of the Seychelles islands are uninhabited, untouched by humankind, except for the odd local fisherman, there are still over 90 you can choose from. Those inhabited islands have been allowed to retain their unique beauty, while providing a luxury beach holiday of a lifetime. It is little wonder that the Seychelles are top of the list of luxury breaks, and favourite luxury honeymoon hotspots.

You wake in a luxurious suite, sun streaming through the balcony doors, breakfast prepared on the sundeck as you shower. Enjoy a stroll along the deserted beach, and a leisurely swim before lunch. The staff speak both English and French, if you’re a bit of a language buff you can even converse in the native language of Seychellois Creole.

No matter how little or how much you decide to do, it attains a new dimension all its own. Whether diving into fathoms of clear blue water. Or swimming amongst the thousands of small, brightly coloured fish which inhabit the shallow coral reefs, a few swimming strokes from the beach. Such normal holiday pastimes become an experience like nothing else.

Seychelles - Beach - Victoria

If this is to be your first trip to these beautiful islands, then the Island of Mahé may well appeal. The largest of the group, and gateway to the archipelago, it is home to 90% of the Seychelles population, and its capital, Victoria. While the pristine beaches rule over all else, the backdrop of a heavily forested interior, part of the Seychelles National Park, is a big draw for amateur and professional photographers alike. A day spent exploring the forest trails provides a great alternative to the hard work of relaxing on the beaches.

With Victoria’s beach being the largest on the island, getting away for a day could not be simpler. Hiring a car on Mahé is easy, and provides the ideal, do-it-in-your-own-time transport for coast drives. Seeking out those hidden little coves you hope no-one else has found, for some totally private sun, sea, and beach time.

Victoria itself is full of quaint little shops, local restaurants where you can enjoy genuine Creole cuisine, or international restaurants for those a little less adventurous.

Anse Cocos, La Digue, Seychelles

For those on a longer break, consider a bit of Island hopping. The smaller islands of La Dique or Praslin, provide an ideal alternative to the larger, busier Mahé. Or prepare your own itinerary from the many other islands available. On the other hand, if you are looking for the ultimate in exclusive, personal luxury; the Seychelles has several private Islands available just for you, for the length of your stay.

Whether a large family holiday, a luxurious break for two, or that romantic honeymoon; the beautiful Seychelles Islands, can provide them all.

Image credit: Jean-Marie Hullot, Gerwin Sturm

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