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A Scottish Cottage Holiday

With lifestyles getting more and more hectic it is often highly desirable to get away from it all during your holiday time. Many people associate this time with foreign travel which while nice does not always appeal to everyone. An often-overlooked option that is growing in popularity is a stay in a countryside luxury holiday cottage. Often there is no better way to truly “get away from it all” without putting up with the hassle of airports and hotels.

There are a great number of things to do on a cottage holiday, especially if you love the outdoors. The Scottish countryside is renowned for its beauty. As a family man who is also an avid photographer, I cannot think of much better in the UK than spending a holiday with my family in a luxury holiday cottage in Scotland or even a holiday cottage in Cornwall if you want to stay in England.

Between spending good quality time with my wife and children and the photographic opportunities I would be an incredibly happy man. My children love the outdoors too, it’s no problem to take their cycles with us to the cottage and the benefit of renting a holiday cottage is that it’s just a home from home, unlike the pretence of a hotel which often can sometimes frown upon a family and the noise and clutter it brings.

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands would allow the whole family to appreciate their beauty, especially for me with my camera and my daughter who loves to paint. My sons are happy if I’m honest anywhere there is space for them to run around, play football, fly their kites and ride their bikes. The enigmatic Scottish landscapes make an amazing backdrop for a quiet quality family holiday. You could even get the kids to help hunt for Nessie!

Staying in the UK for a quiet and enjoyable holiday is fast becoming a first choice for many families, with no worrying about airports, delays, or volcanoes the stress level is a lot lower before the holiday even begins.

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