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3 Great Excursions in Germany

With its excellent waterway system, Cruises to Germany really are ideal for those wanting a taste of Europe. Many European cruisers are now planning their cruise holidays around the popular ports of call here. The River Elbe and the River Rhine are the two main rivers flowing through Germany and there are also two major canal systems: The Kiel Canal and the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal. The extensive waterway system makes cruising one of the most exciting ways of seeing all Germany has to offer.


There are various cruises available in Germany. Sea Cruises are the most popular, closely followed by River and Canal Cruises. Many of the major operators offer sea cruises here, including Royal Caribbean, Princess and P&O. The popular river cruise lines include Uniworld, Viking and Amadeus, stopping in places such as Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, and Kiel. There are many things to do during your time in Germany, with many places to explore and numerous activities to keep you occupied. Here we have picked 3 great excursions that you will want to visit when in Germany.

3 Great Shore Excursions in Germany

1. Visit the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

The memorial is in two parts; the Stelae field at ground level and an information centre which details the personal lives of the murdered Jews under-ground. Entry is free but it we recommend paying 4 Euros for the audio guide. There is a vast amount of information available, and you can really bury yourself in the stories of people and the way normal lives were disrupted and destroyed in a single day. This fascinating tour can easily take up 2 or more hours of your schedule, so plan accordingly. We would also advise you to visit the area again at night. The ghostly lights and atmosphere transport you to a different place and it is also close to the Brandenburg Gate, which is a very pleasant sight at night.

2. Visit the Kiel Botanical Gardens

Part of Kiel University, these botanical gardens are free for the public to explore. Various greenhouses cover over 2000 sq. metres, and each one represents a different climate (tropical, rainforest, desert etc.) When going outside you will find areas of moor, dune, heath, salt meadow, pond, and mountain as well as flower beds and an arboretum. Worth a visit for all of those interested in plant life.


3. Go to Warnemunde Beach

Visitors to Germany may not be fully aware just how amazing the beach in Warnemunde is. Situated on the Baltic Sea, this beautiful sandy beach is extremely popular among those who enjoy water sports. Nordic walking, kitesurfing, underwater diving, swimming, and windsurfing are all ideal sports to take part in here due to the low current and ideal sailing conditions. During summertime, many international competitions are also staged on this very beach.

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